glass fencing spigots H4

glass fence spigot H4 5312f

  • Model H4 glass fencing spigots
  • 155MM high core hole spigot
  • 110MM High Groove! Stronger than 100mm!
  • Machined from Solid rod! Not casting!
  • Weight: 2 KG! Safer than 1.5~1.6 kg ones.
  • Design comply to Australian Standard AS1926.1-2007 & AS1288 & AS1926.
  • International Grade Stainless Steel 316L made.
  • Mirror or Satin finish.
  • Suits 10 ~ 12mm Frameless toughened glass.
  • Easy install on concrete/tiles/paving.
  • A threaded stainless steel 160mm long M20 bolt inserts into core spigot body, which makes the spigot especially strong for heavy duty glass installation.
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